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Thread I think I've killed my Pioneer Amp. Can Anyone Help?

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1 I think I've killed my Pioneer Amp. Can Anyone Help?
I have a Pioneer DC-Z82 Amplifier, this is an old (1980's I think) bit of kit. They don't make 'em like they used to!

The speaker cables came out of the speakers holes and they may have touched together, the amp has stopped working although the unit powers up Ok.

Usually when I switch it on there is a 'Click' sound which occours about 5 seconds after switch-on. After the click the music starts coming out.

Now when I switch it on the 'Click' doesn't happen and, you've guessed it, no music is coming through either.

Everything lights up OK and I can use the buttons to change inputs but no sound whatsoever, even the headphones don't work.

I have unscrewed the back and there are 4 fuses inside (glass 1,25A) but they all look (to my novice eye at least) to be fine they aren't burnt or blackened and the metal wire in the fuse looks to be intact.

Would it be obvious if one of the fuses has blown? I will try replacing them but after that I don't know what else I could do... Any ideas?
It is unlikey that you will be able to repair your amplifier if you have shorted the speaker connections. If the fuses havent blown then the output IC may need replacing but with out an engineer testing your amplifier you wont know what the problem is. I advice that you get an engineer to repair the amp otherwise you may make the problem worse.