Cambridge Audio Azur 640A
Cambridge Audio Azur 640A

Azur 640A, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Cambridge Audio.

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Grebz 12/11/2006

Cambridge Audio Azur 640A : Grebz's user review


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I use this amp since May 2006.

I like the sound, the look, finish. I have in black, I hesitated between silver and black, with a slight preference for the money but at the time of purchase, only black was available, with two weeks of waiting for the money . As my previous amp was asking me the big problems (the sound did not work on one side ... more stereo!) And I was right in the mix, I took what was available.

Negative: I had a problem after a few months of operation. A burning smell and sound! At all. The LEDs still lit, so the current passed, but had blown a component. Return Service, 6 weeks of waiting and return the unit. Since then I have no problems running, then everything is fine, but it's still boring course.

Value for money: I do not regret my purchase, even though about 450 euros, it is expensive in absolute terms. But I like, so I do not count. I used to be a Harman-Kardon was going on his 15 years, but Cambridge is definitely better. It is prowling and gained heat from the beginning.
Be careful to use proper pregnant. It is not enough to have a good amp, it is still necessary to provide the means to express themselves. My old JBL meet me half as elsewhere, they tend to pull the grave at the expense of acute, so I have a little frustrating to listen, while the sound of my speakers is enhanced Monitoring Event Electronics TR8.

I would do without this choice problem, or at least, I find it difficult to return to the material of lesser quality. I remove a still point in the final grade because of the problem component toast. Otherwise, what a pleasure!