Denon PMA-380
Denon PMA-380

PMA-380, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Denon in the PMA series.

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cky95 05/21/2012

Denon PMA-380 : cky95's user review

«  Good, simple, reliable and powerful! »

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I bought this amp used Denon PMA 380 at a great price, this amp is my first "audiophile" associated with a CD player Denon DCD 485.
The amp about 15 years now, and it works perfectly.
Sleek look, sound, it exudes quality.
Very easy to use: no remote control, you choose your source (CD, Phono, etc.), his pregnant couple (A, B or A + B), three settings treble, bass, balance, and that's it and more than enough!
The power now, about 80W according to speaker impedance, as saying that its leaves ample headroom (I rarely exceeds 1/4 in volume).
The sound is very good, effective settings, a good response in low, only slight complaint, treble a bit too aggressive on some registration (register blues / rock / hard rock).
Otherwise the whole, it's all good, made in Japan, the Denon, I rediscover my CD with delight!