Denon PMA-501
Denon PMA-501

PMA-501, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Denon in the PMA series.

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bello99 06/09/2006

Denon PMA-501 : bello99's user review


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Hello all fans of HI-FI

I have one of these Intgr since 1977. He survcu many parties, Deep Purple and other hard rock of my youth (a damn to my parents in propelling my Cerwin Vega Rock Live concert volumes). It works again and again in 2006 except that potentiomtres are clean. Some Shiiiiii be heard by modifying the volume and tonal adjustments Bass and Treble.
The Tagus Phono is superb, the adjustments can amliorer crosstalk GD cartridges about 3 6 dB.

Pay $ 350.00 Canadian in 1977 (approx 200 Euros today) I have the tuner TU-501 that still works. Only one burn Lumire

In short an excellent Intgr a comparable unit in the current euro 500 1000.