Yamaha M-2
Yamaha M-2

M-2, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Yamaha.

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Riffraff 11/10/2009

Yamaha M-2 : Riffraff's user review

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I own this amp for over three years, I had already found it incredible at the time, but there ... it boggles the mind ... I just got the full recap with audio quality condos (Nichicon, Black Gate, Muse etc ...). HUGE power reserves, a depreciation factor HUGE short, a monster at all levels ... I weigh my words, I am a collector of stereo equipment and has a small twenty amps ... (High Quality Technics, Luxman, Kenwwood mono blocks, Mc Intosh, SE-300B, EL84 PP, YBA ... etc. ...). Drive without the most delicate problem of JBL ... I think the L100, 4310 4311 ... A buy on a basis of 400 € (depending on his condition ... many parts are black anodized aluminum and therefore very sensitive to the slightest shock ...) and then to recap ... do not lose sight that these power amps are born to the youngest in 1982 ... or thirty of age on average ... many of their long capacitors Suck ... (Would you take the corner a Kawasaki GPZ 900R of 1984 still equipped with its original equipment tire ...????!!!!) Oh also, one last thing ... need to warm that you long to return all its finesse (... of gross). To combine with your favorite vinyl, a good turntable, preamp Yamaha C-4 and a pair of JBL USA ...
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... => It became family property ...
What is your opinion about the value for the price? => To buy secondhand € 400/500 (if you find it ...), then re-do the caper for the same price ... total cost € 800 ... and there you have one of the thirty best hi-fi amplifier ever made ...