Yamaha C-40
MGR/Heidi 12/06/2001

Yamaha C-40 : MGR/Heidi's user review

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I recieved this guitar for my 14th birthday. My dad bought it at Costco. I think he paid between $135 and $180 for it.

I like how well it plays. It has a wide fretboard, so it is very good for beginners. It hardly ever needs tuned. You can play many different styles of music on it (except rock Etc.)! I can't put it down. I actually have it with me right now!

It plays a very mellow sound, so it is not fun if you want LOUD music. I have to dust it and polish it more than anyone else does, I think!

The quality of it is very good. I haven't had any problems where it needed repaired(except worn out strings)! I can fix that so it doesn't count anyways. Because of the way it is constructed, it is easy to play and replace strings on it. I can do it by myself and I could the first time I had to too.

You will probably love this guitar, especially if you have never played before. It sounds great and is overall a Great guitar!! I hope you choose this guitar because it is awsome! Peace!

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