Beyerdynamic DT 231
Beyerdynamic DT 231

DT 231, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Beyerdynamic in the DT series.

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ptitluc 08/23/2004

Beyerdynamic DT 231 : ptitluc's user review


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At the rception DT231 headset:
first observation, before even opening the package: Hifissimo is a site srieux. Lowest rates (Thomann included!) Port available, payment in each suite, sending quick mails of info ... the great class.
The headset is packed in its box as kitsch as the color of the headphones.
Pos on the head, it is enjoyable trs, covers ears well, and Manir dlicate (thank you velvet ...). There are 2.5 m cable (not twisted), which allows me to plug my sublime electronic Atoll, located 2 m from me, while typing on my keyboard. Not pretty, progress? ... It comes with an adapter 6.5 on the mini jack, so little connectable prs everywhere.
One BMOL, my ears are fragile sore pretty quickly (about 1 hour of APRS cost). Factory default headset, or man? ...
Time to get srieuses. I send Free, Cat Power. The sound is actually good Submitted, massive and gross as the only C. Marshall can. Restitution is prcise well structure.
I then even more demanding, Airbag, Radiohead (OK Computer). Shock!. Never heard the score low (sublime) of this piece (beautiful) as a, as clear and dtach without omniprsente be neither cumbersome!. Happiness. Effects (very many, has turned in all directions) are clearly restitus. Each instrument is clearly identifiable.
Trs good headphone, so, yes, that will allow me to have a cost of quality as well as on my chain on my discman. Note that this is the first headset of my seriousness, which puts my criticism from purists initiated. For others, go to your eyes closed (and. .. keep the farm!).