Sennheiser HD 570
Sennheiser HD 570

HD 570, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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Pc68 05/31/2003

Sennheiser HD 570 : Pc68's user review


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Yes, for t he t test and still have it forever. J'vous said ...
When you're daddy 2 Smurfs who go to bed at 20:30 and that my wife reminds me not to make noise (how a noise? Call a music me), what we do?? MET ON THE headphone!
APRS prambule this, I invite you on the Sennheiser website address for discovering the technical specifications. Then, for the sound quality, I find it really good, even though TRS: total absence of breath even without acute volume lev agressivit tonnament round and low for a headphone. I remember the trials of several brands and I was wondering: How do they do? While a sound point of view, some are out of the race ... Then there was the question of comfort. Difficult to talk about when testing headphones in a store, because we will not spend the night! But this approach APRS, I selected two, and I opt for Sennheiser.
Note that you can buy spices in case (spherical membrane attachment for example) because it is always annoying to throw a headphone because a little piece of plastock lach (v cu on another headphone, sniff!)
Now, in retrospect, I'm not dcu! I wear some long nights, and no cramp in cabbage leaves. Yes, silent quite expensive ... but I can not remember the price (I must find the bill and I will day). Finally, a CHRE does that mean? I did well for 18 months, I use rgulirement without fatigue problem, the sum is largely written off the balance sheet and more than satisfactory; SUPER!