Sony MDR-RF850RK
Sony MDR-RF850RK

MDR-RF850RK, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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snake202 09/13/2006

Sony MDR-RF850RK : snake202's user review


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I've had three days and it is dj adopt.

Ba if I have a headphone like that I believe that it is for the wireless. I play with so it can not sasser ears of my parents and as is wireless I m'emelle not a tripping hazard.

I admit I bought it because I needed one. I did not test. I just chose the low price for not regret to come across something not gnial and read the reviews on the net.

So for 60 I think it's good quality. Good finish, intgre battery that is recharged by herself for not taking the lead with batteries. Wireless password trs well for me, I walk around the house. It does not jump, and then an APRS rglage correct volume I could eliminate without difficulty grsillement all while pushing the volume (enough for m'clater ears). I just a breath from time to time but rarely TElement seen the price of the headphone there is nothing wrong.

Sound level that makes it rather well. It's not a pure quality headphones but I had not put 350. Not really the sound is good for the 60.
Small Retailer that is important: think Enever rduction function of noise, ca dnature saturated sounds and in terms of guitar is not a good idea.

With the exprience and 60 in my pocket I would do this choice. Unless so sure I had more money, at that time I will look into something more efficient.

Edit: it is now about me ... Dsormer I can tell you that for those who have an exprience of sound, especially a requirement, turn to the more upscale, or to the wire ... it's true that you think about it ca not break bricks ... even if the report is fairly good quality price.