B&W DM 602 S2
B&W DM 602 S2

DM 602 S2, Hi-Fi Speaker from B&W.

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RickD 04/17/2008

B&W DM 602 S2 : RickD's user review


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- For how long have you been using it?
About 8 years.

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
The treble & mids on these are great. Never tiring, fairly detailed, well balanced...B&W have done a great job there: you can listen all day long and never get tired of them.
The bass is not so fantastic simply because the woofers are a bit small. You can't expect miracles from these and on paper they go down to 63 Hz at -3 dB and 53 Hz at -6 dB if i recall correctly. So don't get expecting much at 30 Hz... ;-)
If you want that big OOMPPH pass your way and go & get some big JBL floortsanders...
BUT, place these correctly (ie on stands and far from walls or corners) and sit a few feet away and they can be surprisingly bassy.
So that's the hardest thing with these, really: placement. If they don't sound good, you haven't placed them right. Simple as that.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I listened to some cheap but much bigger Infinity units before i got these, and they had more bass but the bass was out of control.
These, placed right, are tight and forget about distortion: these babies have woven kevlar woofers: turn up the volume and these will rattle the walls.
120W RMS. I pushed my 80W RMS Onkyo Integra 9711 to the max on them and they were fine, even on bassy disco. The walls were shaking, though!

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Retail price was normally 3500 Francs at the time (£350 back then, more now since the £ is worth bugger all these days), which would be 530 €. I paid 2400 F (360 €), new.
I'd say the value was pretty damn good. If you want cheaper & smaller, go for the DM 601 S3's. They are half as much and quite a bit smaller but still sound good, although of course they have less bottom end.

For the money, it would have been hard to get better without going second hand. A friend of mine got a pair of battered old JBL 4311's from Barclay Studios...for under £200. A good deal. But they're huge and one of the boomers has a hole in it! So...today, i'd look around the second hand market and probably go for something bigger. I'm currently dribbling over the B&W 704's. Expensive floorstanders...maybe one day?