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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Penta
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Penta
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Electrostatique Electrostatique

«  Good material, good sound »

Publié le 08/20/13 à 04:55
Hello everyone,
I take this space to respond to what is written about this place. We are in 1986, the sound has changed dramatically with the arrival of laser capable of having a higher performance at lower frequencies compared to our old artificial correction RIAA preamps.
Assemblers Novopan who loved the spectacular large diameters (with a little magnet that the customer does not see!) See this as an opportunity to renew their range.
The piston effect of improved woofer and diameters can be smaller. All manufacturers will make that choice and 38 disappear from our living rooms.
At B & O Penta aussi.La sees the day.The first model has no amp and it is not successful attendue.Les new HP require current to express themselves. Customers connect the speakers to the amp too low, even in B & O (The receiver of BEOCENTER 9000/8500/9500 STK 4151 is a hybrid that gives 2x 2x 30w, not 80 as we see written everywhere). The result is wort, unspecified.
Let us remember that in 1986, the majority of our amps gave between 30 and 80 watts, rarely above. Some reputable manufacturers have understood as Cabasse, and begin to market their own amp (100W for Galiotte by exp) to correct this weakness and provide their customers with a power and quality that corresponds to the speaker.
Bang and Olufsen Penta insert in a 150W amp powered by a large transformer (often larger than your system!). Is overcome at the same time problems here since HP length is 60cm.L speaker cables are connected to a low level output of a preamp. (Or the wrong choice of HP / headphone outputs)
The result is there. There is a cabinet providing unusual aesthetic, a RF response curve, a medium that is not screaming, for treble sound which is not tiring and significant power which allows listening to low volume while having a wide but also to share our records with neighboring sound plan!
Serious are mastered, they do not roll, even if other specialists do better in the lower connector of the registre.La Penta III allows for versatile use.
I am surprised at the negative reviews that I read to the right or left, often outweighs parts, sometimes made by people who are in the ear the difference between a laser decoding 14, 16 or 24 bits with an amp is the Bowls in four! Unless there have been several series, and good and bad?
I have no interest in the brand, which also, like all known manufacturers of furnaces.
After that, if a pregnant apart to see what she has in hoses, we will find a built around two concepts together: the sound and aesthetics on the marque.La column is made of a molded resin the pentagon shape reduces vibrations.Principe resumed by other manufacturers.
We are faced with an industrial product specifications précis.On understand that this sophisticated realization is more expensive than stuck Novopan which corresponds to a load calculation of HP manufacturing technique used by manufacturers but also good for all the wrong ...

We also find a filter on complex PCBs because we are dealing with a 4-way system (not 3 as seen written all over!). Manufacturers prefer small amounts assembly "in the air" but the distribution of Penta was not confidential despite prix.Les 4 midrange are filtered pairs and are not mounted on the same level in the enclosure, probably an agreement acoustic phase.
It is obviously not like the sound, but the product development from a philosophy, a concept is expensive and can only be achieved by manufacturers seeking a so-called perfection or the immediate benefit of a product never will fit in your home and you probably changed at least three times in the last twenty years because of their bad qualities.