Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14"
Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14"

A New Beat HiHat 14", Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the A New Beat series.

fougui 02/15/2014

Zildjian A New Beat HiHat 14" : fougui's user review

«  a little treat! »

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I find the sound of the end charley & "crunchy", well defined, since I 4h (this day)

but I love it already! I like the open "crunchy too, a little but not too serious, you can play jazz, funk, jazz-rock, world / music, pop rock, reggea etc. .. can be no large metal but whatever ....

I had an A custom 14 "but for my taste too metallic, with a powerful game and walk" guts "(probably due to the brilliant appearance of the cymbal, but with a" good "character though.