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HK Audio user reviews

  • HK Audio PR:O 18 Sub A

    HK Audio PR:O 18 Sub A - jege21's review


    The sound is amazing with its 46cm woofer coupled to 2 pro15 FITRE the active chamber, allowing easy control the cutoff frequencies I try a subwoofer hk lucas600 good rendering of the system with the 300w but of course nothing to do with that com…

  • HK Audio Lucas Alpha

    HK Audio Lucas Alpha - fandestrat's review


    Excellent sound Systm HK us out one of the best Systm "compact" high power sound quality worthy of the latest generation Systmes HK audio, compactness and lgret (except the sub, thank you for the wheels), simple to install / connect round, d…

  • HK Audio Lucas Alpha

    HK Audio Lucas Alpha - Oceanis204's review


    I use it now for 10 months, trs Systm surprisingly well in STUDY 2000 watts rms, box of 18 teams 46 tbx BNC amplified dcoupage Sparer of 3 hp. Trs his own and even high end, say anything ... just a little nothing serious default, lack of rglage t…

  • HK Audio Lucas XT

    HK Audio Lucas XT - wabice's review


    I use this system for 3 years and then return electronic drum, I play in coffee or in small rooms quality treble and medium is wonderfull to restore the hi-hat cymbals AC passes very well and with a sound very bright but not box me back …

  • HK Audio Elias PX System

    HK Audio Elias PX System - Guitar14's review


    - How long do you use? I use it for 6 months in scne configuration, that is to say: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, percussion. - What is the particular feature you like most? What I like most is the fate that the satellites are amplifi…

  • HK Audio Lucas 600

    HK Audio Lucas 600 - Gabdag's review


    Hello I use the system HK Audio Lucas 600 for nearly 5 years in both solo and in groups, in sound, not the CPA, or NEXO MARTIN AUDIO, but it's a good level . Before I had the JBL 350, excellent, but the weight, I do not raconbte and many other syst…

  • HK Audio Premium System

    HK Audio Premium System - Marcøditive's review


    I use this system for some months. What I like most is the power to weight ratio. The least? .... I do not know, it's very powerful. A lot! Sound in 20 years .... Very honest. Yes, I will soon double the system. …

  • HK Audio CTA 118 Sub

    HK Audio CTA 118 Sub - Francisjurdan's review


    - How long have you use it? Few months, I did buy a friend LESSOR PA. - What is the particular feature you like best, Very easy to get, not very bulky ITS thundering. Costs absolutely a good piano. the least? There are all the same after …

  • HK Audio Elias PX System

    HK Audio Elias PX System - Marcøditive's review


    Hi, I read all the reviews below and I think we should put some records straight. First, we must put you in the head Ellias hk is a system of domestic and not a long range. So obviously if used in full dodger max on a solid surface air, inevita…

  • HK Audio Lucas 2000

    HK Audio Lucas 2000 - Oceanis204's review


    Couraging that I have currently 5 services with the System to my conclusion by trs in rooms containing 300 500 people a nice sound, exceptional performance. Before the one I long to try a tour in 2000 (lite) that my friend I prter aillant do not fi…