Cort Source-BV
Cort Source-BV
Sherokee 01/26/2012

Cort Source-BV : Sherokee's user review

«  Cheap but stunning! »

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Manufacturing Made In Korea. (Finishes a little sloppy on my model ...)

The handle is "c" and is glued to the body. Everything is maple.

At the bridge, a Bigsby. He looks well into the agreement but this is not my thing everything vibrato so I do not judge too.

22 Frets

4 knobs: 2 volumes and 2 tones and a pickup selector


The handle is very nice and so travel is easy.

I find the guitar very well balanced, it does not move when taken with a belt.

So here we come as a strong point: access to acute is childish and rather enjoyable.

We get a good sound when you know what you want.


I play based on a Prs Singlecut of hard rock to metal and I chose this guitar to broaden horizons and point me to a registry jazz, blues, bossa .. and it turns out she gets there very well the guy with his pair of p90!

In Clean: very low round. We can quickly have a good round sound jazzy.

In Disto: His bold or warm to his liking.

I tried everything in the store on vox and sends the light heavy! Its warm, jazzy and bluesy at will.

At home, I have a Line 6 Flextone 3 and I have everything I want.


I've had two days and it is possible that I change my opinion.

I tried a Hagstrom with a touch in "composite" Ben and I prefer the Cort because the handle is easier after that is only my opinion.

+: Bass, sound in general, look (vintage to perfection), price

-: Finish on my model (badly painted wood in the gills, pickguard cut with an ax)

I put an 8 because it is a good scratching the finish but could have been better.