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bob rob 10/13/2018

Cort Source : bob rob's user review

"Super rare, "Cort Source Performer , WOW" "

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Peavey 20w
Jazz Brazil Funk music
Hard to time it since there is no serial anywhere. A guitar repair guy timed it at least at around 20 to 25 years old guitar.
Top craft, finishing is uppermost, great amazing power (not plugged in), tone and balance are superb from top to bottom, the guitar just projects loud round and beautiful sound.
Select by EMG picups are amazing period (they sound just like Gibson PAF).
Of course there are always some minor adjustments to make on a guitar. I do my own set up.
The neck is just perfect, I also own a M200 Cort with the same width.
There is no cons, that's the thing. For a fraction of a Gibson e335 (me playing a red 335 on my cover pic at a NY gig), you get a much better guitar in all aspects.
The source performer is not a beginner guitar it's a player guitar.
Cort never stops surprising me.
A rare superb instrument so if you can find one jump on it.

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