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clic 11/28/2007

Cort Source : clic's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea, co-trainer copy of ES 335 (with cleaner models that I had on hand)
body and maple neck, graphite Silet, tune o matic bridge and chrome mechanical oil bath
2 humbuckers 3-way selector, 2 tone, 2 volumes
handle C, 22 large frets
comes with strings d'addario flat spun 13/56
very good attention to finishing the pictures on the net are very poor (even in Cort)
Red colored wood (cherry) with a (thick) high gloss clear lacquer giving a beautiful appearance


Channel pleasant enough even for a beginner
Access to acute means (for my big fingers)
A little heavy and quite bulky (even sitting I prefer to use a belt) but it's the same thing for all models with beam (semi hollow) I think.
Positioned as in Cort jazz guitar with its strings of origin (hard to play for a beginner) but pretty well rounded afar the sound of true or 335 clones


Seeing my hesitation the seller has with cords 10/46 and make adjustments
total change for its classic rock to blues and Chuck Berry a very pleasant little "dry" for jazz in my opinion
On a Peavey 158 (15W) neck pickup very fine but the mic sounds pretty sharp "metal" not too pleasant
After buying a secondhand Fender Blues Junior is the ideal couple for less than € 900 all pass, except the heavy saturation that I tried just out of curiosity seeking limits
is easily obtained in clear sound very close to its vacuum with a very long sustain
Sometimes the bass just hang out and of course the sound is less rich than a Gibson over 2000 €
7 / 10 I note the sound regardless of price, but the change of string (but I would like a notice with the original strings)


I have only been 10 months and I (re) started playing the guitar for a year with a lot of fun to play
It is a reliable instrument that keeps the agreement and does not deregulation that allows you to concentrate on the games.
I love her look simple with no unnecessary decors very clean finish, it also really like and I can not explain why this model is so widespread if not by this positioning jazz guitar / strings of large rods
I like least:
- Its low a little confusing sometimes
- Empty I think the side rib thick varnish, etc., just the sound gene
I wanted to try a Sheraton (more expensive) but found the time and Ibanez AF105 (typed too jazz), AS73 and other Peavey Coxx or have not convinced me € 460 360 a year ago now it must be difficult to find a better value for money 10/10 but why not all the same.
I'm not disappointed by this choice and I certainly referrer but after testing other models at least out of curiosity and the pleasure of discovery
Updated 28/11/07
Here the two years since I Cort and after buying a Fender Start Deluxe (with lace sensor) a year ago I had a little trouble at the back, it seemed a little dull, changing microphones for GFS vintage 59 made it more interesting and I will gladly plays the handle fits comfortably in your hand it sounds really keeps its settings a brief guitar "robust", easy to live and play, plug and play what !