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neojazz 01/24/2005

Coxx ES-335 : neojazz's user review


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I will not rpter which t prcdement said about the production, set out the finish has nothing to envy other Gibson Epiphone today.
However it is unfortunate to note that the gilding tend to make room for the chrome is below. I noticed a lot APRS have played.


- The handle is extra long as it is well-rgl (height of strings).
- CHAC notes is not the most acute trs ais but note that it is also the weak point of the Gibson 335 and half of all the guitars body. Namoins satisfying for me is rev.
- Asked weight, it has the same default as the original ds she slumps that we loose the handle playing up. But it's a habit to take into the wedging with the elbow.
- The rglages trs are simple and effective.


- My music styles are jazz, jazz rock, drunk, rock. This guitar goes everywhere with ease.
- I play a 1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb, a Marshall ValveState 8280 and a Roland Jazz Chorus-50. It sounds trs course each of them.
- The sound could not be closer to 335, is to say excellent, ranging from a jazz sound that's hard and cel no problem provided that the branch with the good effects.


- I bought it in November 2004 and I play about 4 hours a day.
- I love this print because it's my CHRE rating than the original and have it compared to other top Epiphone CLNE, it is much better and the price is 310 Euros tr s trs reasonable.
- You have to see if old, but considering the quality of wood has utiliss should go if the assembly after bonding. But APRS while there was no reason not to follow.
- I am not my body Premire half and I can tell you that for the price it must buy it without hsiter. Anyway I am pleased that the quality is still cheap.