lse 04/21/2012

Epiphone Broadway : lse's user review

" A granny resourceful"

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In which country was it made? : Korea (with Unsung)
What type of bridge: Wooden originally (type archtop what) I think eventually replace by a special tunomatic archtop in Stewmac


I love the handle, it is wide enough and not too thick not too embedded in the varnish as is the case with some Epiphone (they must have the polish in Eiphone cheap, with some models it seems to take a piece of plastic).

The ergonomics are excellent, it has a balance of sound, impeccable playing asis (standing it must be a bit less convenient because of the size of the fund)
The access to the treble is very honest (hey it's not a solid body of headbangers, but it happens)
I'm interested in this guitar it is precisely its ergonomics.

I play alone at home (not in a group and also I'm learning the guitar), The Broadway play can sit very comfortably (the solid body is not sitting top and semi-hollow kind Dot is terrible sitting) .


It has two humbucker supposed to give the vintage. The only comparison I are the Seymour Duncan SH1, sound is the same type but more rough on Broadway.
Let's say if I had ambitions, and in time, I would change the mics for SH1. Anyway, in the state they are going rather well, just the definition is not fantastic, clear, given the level of violin, this guitar deserves that over time the team is above components of line.

Note that I do not play jazz (not the level) I play blues and a bit of picking, it is perfect, we can consider it as an entry-level acoustic (well it's not a Martin, but home, it does not hurt)


I bought it recently I cracked suites.
My previous guitars they were guitars, it's MY guitar, it makes all the difference
The price / quality ratio is outstanding, unless for the Korean version Electronics is a bit feeble but it's upgrade, the violin is top
The special feature I like most is its versatility (electric / acoustic) and extreme comfort especially playing sitting
In addition she is beautiful (which does no harm)