Epiphone Casino Reissue
Epiphone Casino Reissue
rhum66 04/03/2014

Epiphone Casino Reissue : rhum66's user review

« The sound of the 50s. »

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I'm doing a report on the testing of the Epiphone Casino that I have tested before yesterday. (See below video link at the end.)
This is a guitar that I have long neglected because the 335 is for me the culmination of the thinline form.
But I really like Grant Green and the sound of these recordings "blue note", I'm also a big fan of his T-Bone Walker, it is for these reasons that I decided to test this guitar for me forge my own opinion.
It was the "standard" model Chinese, in March 2014, a beautiful sunburst pulling the honey burst.
The instrument is bright, pretty irresistible in fact; P-90 dogear with Nickel, trapeze tailpiece covers, we are right in the 50s, the beginning of the electric guitar in short.


335 therefore form but ... featherweight, no central beam, one begins to Hercules, a 335 ligther, finally!
Except that this machine has, outside the "shape" general, nothing to do with 335.
On the Chinese model, the handle is rather thin, a true "slim type" finish button and frets is good without being great, the neck is straight, action, generally quite low, fairly well settled by the strings against are Mr. ....
The tuners are spartan, kinds of Kluson rather frail ... not really give her confaince immediately, but good test time.
The peculiarity of the Casino, as her twin ES_330 Gibson is his joint fund-handle to the 16 th fret ... you never played as high as with an ES-335, why is death .. ., but at the same time, I did not feel "clamped" by this fact, we did not want to play the way freddy king, until 22 emme box in balloons background, amplifier overheating.
The lead work is possible, but it will be more parsimonious, less extravagant and probably less demonstrative.
It tends quite naturally want to reproduce the type of "solo-riffs" of the 50s, not the big shred descents we know now.
This is a great riffeuse the riff "Day Tripper" was played over.
So really not a problem this hose connection below.
For arrangements, it really is perfect, is played comfortably Apeu near everything you want, including blues and jazz kind anatoles I-VI-II-V, the guitar is sweet, it can attack "right hand" without too many breads, conditioon to have a set of strings of good quality and not desous of 10-46. (which was not the case in my test).


-The preferred styles of this guitar are; rock n roll (Beatles), rockabilly and blues but also jazz (Grant Green).
All these styles in their course "cool" version, ie, without distortion exuberant, but rather clean or crunch, they may even be supported (confers Gary Clark Jr.).
Epiphone pickups are "correct", let me explain; through a good tube amp, it will be beautiful and "correctable", through to systems or smaller transistors modeling, we hear faster / immediately the limitations of these microphones.
To play "hard" without hesitation take a ES-335, you will regret it.
Overall, the pickups are a soft hair and lack of aggressiveness and treble to really tear.
But for the price paid, it is very honorable, you can still play if the amp is good, it is not catastrophic, as epiphone could be in the past on this point.
At the end of the test, I get to hang a Larsen, and the low volume, it should be noted, the guitar part in the feedback quickly, so you need to know.
For me it is a "fun" thing to master for the show, the next "Rock n roll music" beatles we say.
But it can also become painful in certain circumstances scenes evil "manageable", the tiny scene style; amateur gear of scene, or gender wedding, party neu neu music festival in style, "... as soon as I move, I go on a treble-Larsen fact that people are going to hit me if I do not stop immediately ... "
semi-pro environment, it will advance probalment better already.


As I say, I do not has this guitar, but I intend to offer soon.
I AIMME is its strong identity, guitar rock n 'roll and blues 50s, a sound that I place very high in the Parthenon revved guitar.
We can offer it for 500 Euros, the Gibson ES-330 is inaccessible for me.
The thing finally very new, it is simple to play violin on a typical Gibson and have this dynamic and smart can recall the very telecaster by certain listed.
If we want better, we must offer the john Lennon or elitist or Gibson, but that's another price.

The test video hereinafter, was done in a fairly busy shop, without any preparation and "in tears", filmed at the i-phone on a roland cube that does not manage to resolve crunch especially with the world around, ca worth what it's worth ... and forgiveness for the game, not always on top.
This is just to get an idea in the bluesy register.