Epiphone Casino Reissue
Epiphone Casino Reissue
sigmafranswa 07/31/2014

Epiphone Casino Reissue : sigmafranswa's user review


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In what country was she made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...) Korea seems to me ... t it in 1997 after the serial number

What type of bridge? Bridge Type Tune-o-matic tailpiece with Trapeze tailpiece

Pickups: 1 neck pickup P90R P90T + 1 bridge pickup

Settings: 2 Vol / 2 Tone / Selector


The neck is super nice I think, round and rather large, very comfortable.
Ergonomics are good, it is a body type ES330/335 (this is also the "version" of the Epiphone Gibson ES330 from) so we feel the guitar against itself because the body is large.

The weight is light as HYPER full hollow body (no through-beam to sustain as an ES335 or derivatives)

Access to acute is not the strong point of the Casino because the body handle junction is at the 17th fret, but it's not a guitar shredder, it's still a typical vintage guitar.

The sound is really good, creamy and soft for the neck pickup and dry and slamming to the neck pickup. In clean it very well, and crunch is EXCELLENT (requires P90) to the extreme saturation must remember, however, it is completely hollow (full hollow body) so it is assured high gain feedback. Less than play .. at 100m amp or reamping studio ... (hey, I just thought of it at the moment ... it gives ideas ^ ^)


For the English pop rock 50/60, Beatles, Stones, blues, stoner is the top ...
Played on Peavey Delta Blues is hot and creamy, it lives, and P90 have something very music not found on humbuckers or single coils on, it is part, and c ' is singular.
Favorite sounds: neck pickup clean and light crunch, intermediary clean and crunch, pickup in clean and crunch.
Sounds I hate: no, not even plugged it sounds!


I have since 2005 and it is 1997 (third-hand purchased at an AF guy).
I have not tried a lot of models, but being a fan of the beatles I wanted a natural or sunburst Casino as Lennon, but when I saw the finish Turquoise I cracked (must love, but personally I love).
Q / P: very good at the time paid 450 euros
Oh yes I would do this choice! I keep this guitar for life!