cc.torres 08/04/2011

Epiphone Sheraton II : cc.torres's user review

«  Super microphones with 57 'Gibson Classic »

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Made in Korea (or China) - Bridge "TuneOmatic" - set neck - 22 frets - 2 humbucker pickups Gibson Classic 57 (neck and bridge) - 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs, pickups 3 position switch - 1 / 2 hollow body Beam Central - Gold hardware - Finish: Natural - Lutherie impeccable.


Channel perfect (fast and easy) - a bit heavy for a hollow - Access to the last frets difficult but you get used to. - The original sound is not bad but Epiphone ..... tt by changing the strings on the original (frizz, rough, pots etc ...), the knobs (especially capacitors Tone) and microphones (pale copy of the Gibson Classic 57) for real Gibson:
We get a Gibson ES-335 for 660 euros.


Suitable for all styles "Support" in clean with reverb and / or Echo and / or Chorus neck pickup or two.
"Support" Blues "/ bridge pickup and a tad of overdrive.
Absolutely Super Lead in Jazz
Played no effect on Peavey Valve Congratulations 112 (Clear Channel, saturated with or without distortion or reverb).
or multi-effects BOSS GX-700 (direct attack on mixing studio)


Used for 6 months. After multiple tests (budget 600 to 800 euros)
Enormous versatility except for the Hard or Metal, (which I fully tap!)
I like the retro look, the finish on the very defined (even in distortion / OD) and sustain (Santana can play without being ridiculous.
The ratio Q / price of this config is ... GRANDIOSE