akira900 09/10/2004

Epiphone Sheraton II : akira900's user review


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This guitar is manufactured in Asia but it's 10 ds control outlets Epiphone.
It possde 22 boxes relatively accessible and beautifully tudies. It possde 2 Epiphone pickups m frankly they dfendent as well as the Classic 57 Gibson.Pas doubt: the sound is that of the authentic Gibson 95%.
As against it will take getting used to with the handle as it is really big! For users of ibanez or fender pa c WON !!!!!!!!! !!!!! m for my other is class!
Otherwise it is more beautiful than the original! Any dore! The pearl back! The table lamp shines! The quality of the wood is exemplary! Professional Brief


The handle is very very large m c is the typical Gibson jazz MODELS! Galre m is the beginners we give cpte force that the handle is really superb! M as l I said, will be fully ibanezeux The cot of the pump handle! (they used to the st round super flat)
We arrive to acute accder easily without tro m of easy indeed if you have a jou SG for 2 years and you tried to do a solo of Kirk Hammett, c damn! This m guitar favors blues and jazz solos over prcis slower.
Its weight is terrible, very heavy, m c kon come this recognizes a good guitar! The violin is exemplary, simple is beautiful ..
The sound is typical among MODELS gibson jazz with a lack of distortion in sin, with its velvet m Ingala on clean.


I play Dornava of Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Clapton or is frankly c tt is the guitar that fo!
Essay of the jou Metheny on RG!
I use it with a vs65r Marschall is its sounds very bien.M when the distortion has to appear, it lacks punch! M on a boss chorus !!!!!!!! It feels fly!!
I privilgie sounds and sounds crystal clean dry rather than fat!!
M trust me, this skyscraper has great sound!


I depui 6 months now I can play jazz galore! With my SG ct even bother thinking dy!
Jadore is finishing his sthtique all golden, velvet gibson sound achieved by the half case!
C just as in distortion sucks!
Frankly for the price !!!!! purchased the eyes closed!! I bought by mail order to the € 630 with nine tui!! 4200F
And you're working with a guitar!
Epiphone, the mark of the great guitarist!