Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333
Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333

Tom Delonge ES-333, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the ES series.

blink_44 10/17/2012

Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333 : blink_44's user review

«  Fan sound alt.rock 2000s? »

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Just like the previous opinion, the ergonomics are extra. Super light, well balanced (no handle falling or cash too heavy ...) investment tips for strap plays. I find the handle very nice, well finished, frets well drawn, access to acute relatively simple, this side, that of happiness. Whether it's a pick or fingers, no problem.


Be it my style of music?

Yes. Already because I listen to Mr. Delonge carefully. And although my music is not modeled on hers, I love the sounds it uses from the last Blink / AvA. Therefore it was altogether his sound.
Overdrive, distortion everything goes ... For all that is crunch / screamo, no problem this is for. I did not even rubbed distos large (I do is, obviously, not), so Cf below!

Regarding the clean ... I find it a bit hard to get a real clean. To pick on an amp with some gain, it quickly go crunchy. It is clear that looking further, we must find a pure clear sound, but it is not as immediate as a simple micro strat, see the db a TV.

So for me it is not so polyalente. But hey, when you buy the guitar Tom Delonge, we know what to expect right?


I use it for a few days, not yet thoroughly explored.

The +:

The Look. inevitably.
The ergonomics.
Sound punk / alt / rock.
Finish, which is really good.

The -:

In terms of looks, the body is not painted. And yes, it is a giant sticker. So do not bother strive to apply any kind of polish is clean plastic! Which gives this matte ... Is it really a penalty? At least, goodbye traces of fat!
The input jack in the middle of the case: why?
And after its main drawback is itself! we love, or we do not like! So for me, this is to try before you buy!
Speaking of purchase, the price to my taste is not an exaggeration? .. We will not pay a little signature at the back of the head?