Fender Pawn Shop ’72
Fender Pawn Shop ’72

Pawn Shop ’72, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Fender in the Pawn Shop Stratocaster series.

Public price: $999 VAT
TheJeff666 12/16/2013

Fender Pawn Shop ’72 : TheJeff666's user review

«  Class and Rock & Roll »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Pawn Shop Series made in Japan. great job, no fault on my own in terms of violin making.
Strato alder body semi hollow with a hearing in f lined with white binding classy.
Channel U telecaster, rosewood fingerboard, relatively flat radius (but it is not an Ibanez ...). Mechanical vintage fender 70 which correctly reflect the tuning.
2 humbucker pickups: 1 Wide range reissue the handle and an enforcer to the bridge. Volume and micro scale with a mediating screen (terrible ... I love it)
Easel "Vintage 70" with string through.
Overall, despite the originality of the guitar, it is clearly in familiar territory and despite the form, to more than telecasters to stratos ... being an addict telecaster, adaptation was immediate.
In addition to being very beautiful, the guitar is light and well balanced.
For once, no surprises on an entry-level Fender (us, Southwestern jap ... or even worse note for Gibson ...).
Always the same remark on this type of guitar, economy miserly on electronics ... volume knob and blend low quality, firm and not progressive, and the blend volume is removed if wanted on my model .... thus changing the electronic ...


Channel telecaster relatively flat, very nice.
The guitar is light and well balanced, it sounds very good vacuum. easy access to acute (this is also a stratovolcano ...), the heel of the neck knows how to forget.
Between the body and the body holow travaerssantes strings, lots of shine and sustain, the sound is projected.
When to get a good sound, and if we accept the concept of a balance between two very typical microphones have good sound is simple (with good microphones), despite absbsence tone.


I do not have a particular style of music, I can be called upon to play or to play anything. so I typed several more guitars. I bought this pawn shop without having the need, by chance, it was a good secondhand in my city, knowing that I could sell it without loss. well I care, after mods ...
Therefore handle the reissue Wide range, we find the spirit of the 72 deluxe, but with a fairly large output level. Although jazz playing with volume, very good for a fat blues crunch, a little mushy in distortion ...
Trestle micro Enforcer ... careful, it laughs more with 24k output one is downright super mega nag mode, it sends serious steak and mad cow, I can reduce the gain of the amplifier (Class A lamp) within 2 to stop cruncher ... damn! And if you like it, it sounds more ... I do not like it ... therefore change the micro ...
big boring concept on this guitar, the balance between the two pickups. Many possibilities of sounds, experiments and achieve great effects (tom moreno leave this body). Electroplate a big deal saturated and have fun with the balance that makes him immediately, I love. I reflechis even a kill switch ...
Overall a very positive finding, if not the bridge pickup exclusively for skaters young guitarists mononeuronaux deaf and southern west coast of the united states and the Beauce and electronics m ... e .. .
After the change of micro electronics and the result is perfect for me ... Crunchbucker duesenberg a trestle and replacing knobs with knobs worthy of the name ... In my studio most guitarists who come to the big blues shredders or big end with this guitar is not for nothing .... duesenberg the microphone is just the perfect complement to this guitar. Harmonic killing


A very good guitar, and bastard with a big personality, a charm that sounds as is, carved in rock (guitar skaters and deaf teenagers mononeuronaux southern west coast of the united states and the Beauce), and a little jazz at times.
After changing the pickup, we face a sacred musical instrument with a unique personality.
Despite the form of strata, it is clearly in the telecaster world. Micro balance allows a multitude of sounds and makes it very interesting.
The value for money is excellent for me secondhand.