Fender Pawn Shop ’72
Fender Pawn Shop ’72

Pawn Shop ’72, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Fender in the Pawn Shop Stratocaster series.

Public price: $999 VAT
Michael_jaune 01/01/2014

Fender Pawn Shop ’72 : Michael_jaune's user review

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Japanese guitar manufacturing, pawnshop is a cross between the thinline telecaster and strat. The guitar has only two knob, one volume and one to mix the two pickups.


Perfectly balanced handle Telecaster guitar, so extrememtn nice and simple to play. Lets play the guitar very easily.


The big highlight of the guitar is the sound. it is hot, ca resonates, it is for rock, stoner or otherwise. The bridge pickup is very loud but mixed with a bit of neck pickup adding it to the definition and roundness, the sound of the guitar spectrum covers a pretty impressive rate.


occz very good at the price for me puisqu'acheté a pittance for a guitar of this bill. What I like is indeed the micro mixer, neck, body, sound, etc. Everything.