Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature
Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature

ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gibson in the ES series.

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le-pharmacien 01/21/2007

Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature : le-pharmacien's user review


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It's a classic Gibson with 22 frets. It features a floating P90 with a very interesting volume knob because it shows the power of the electronics at loud volumes, while at low volumes the acoustic sound takes over... It's formidable.
The body is quite deep, which gives it a nice resonance and acoustic sound. The neck is set-in, obviously.


The neck is comfortable, access to the upper frets is easy, the length of the body favors a comfortable playing. The sound is very distinctive, at least to me, and I've had the opportunity to play an L-5. It's a different league altogether.


It's obviously a jazz guitar, although you can also play thrash metal with, I'm joking, you can only play jazz with this type of instrument (and maybe also blues). To get a good sound, I recommend you to play it with an all-tube amp, a Fender or a Peavey (I'm no amp expert. I use a Fender Bassman :s).
The sound of the P-90 might displease some, it's not a Wes Montgomeryish sound, not even Pat Metheny-like (fortunately). Personally, I have other jazz guitars and this one has a unique sound.


It's been six months now (I posted the review on January 20, 2007) and I'm satisfied with it, but it remains a secondary guitar, it's not my first guitar. The sound of the P-90 might prove weak if you want to explore more funky jazz sounds (think Benson). but this guitar is of very good quality.
The price is not justified. 3000 euros is way too much. I prefer my L-5 (it's actually my dad's), (it's 15 years old, so it's starting to age a bit), it's a totally different ball game.