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moosers 06/07/2009

Harmony (String Instruments) H66 : moosers's user review

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The Harmony H66 is a hollow body electric guitar that has twenty frets and is made out of maple wood. It is an interesting instrument because it has a built in vibrato effect in addition to the standard volume and tone knobs. It has two pick ups and has a switch to choose between the two of them.


Playing the Harmony H66 is pretty easy but I do find that sometimes the action is a little bit high up for my taste. However, all of the parameters are pretty easy to access and to understand what everything can do. The guitar is pretty light and the overall shape of the body is pretty cool looking. Granted that you can play, getting a good sound from this guitar is a pretty easy thing to do as it has a really cool and interesting sound to it.


The Harmony H66 is a great guitar for jazz and lighter music, although I've also had success with indie rock and pop as well. I use the guitar for recording usually with either a '76 Fender Twin Reverb or a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb and the sounds I can achieve with this guitar are really cool and pretty unique. It definitely has the classic sound you think of when you think of a hollow body guitar, but because of all of the different parameters you can get a wide array of different tones. A huge plus with the Harmony H66 is the built in vibrato effect which turns this guitar from a good guitar into a great one.


I first used the Harmony H66 hollow body electric guitar for recording about a year and a half ago and it has become one of my favorite hollow body guitars for recording and all other applications. These guitars are pretty hard to find now and I'm lucky to have access to one as it is truly a great guitar. If you are looking for a nice hollow body guitar I would encourage those interested to check out this guitar in addition some of the other hollow body guitar that Harmony and their competitors have to offer.