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mooseherman 12/15/2010

Harmony (String Instruments) H66 : mooseherman's user review

« Rare, fantastic guitar with built in electronic vibrato.  »

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This is an American made guitar. It's a hollow-body with an interesting electronic vibrato installed on it. It has 20 frets, two single coil pickups (with a volume knob and tone control for each), a maple body with a cutaway, and an ebony fingerboard.


This guitar is really comfortable to play. It feels really good, with a rich and resonant body. Getting a nice sound should be as easy as playing the guitar. It's not the heaviest hollow-body but it is noticeably heavy, I guess the tremolo installed in the guitar adds some weight to it. It's got an action that's pretty high but overall it's fine.


I love using this guitar with just about any amp. It doesn't really sound good distorted, as it feeds back and has too smooth a tone to really cut through the noise. I'd rather use it with a clean tube amp like a Fender Twin, a Hughes and Kettner tube amp or something like a Matchless. It has a rich, smooth tone that's really fat when you need it to be, but also can be bright and clean. I personally think all the old Harmony guitars sound fantastic.
This is even before talking about the built-in vibrato. While I'll be the first to admit it's not the most amazing vibrato effect I've come across the fact that it comes from the guitar itself means that it is unique, and no pedal could truly replicate it. It expands the sound options you get by a lot.
It is great for jazz and stuff of that nature but with the added vibrato its great for classic pop, old school rock and roll, and a bunch of other stuff as well. It's such a well-rounded instrument that it'll really be a unique addition to almost any collection.


The best thing about this guitar besides its incredible sound is the built in vibrato effect. I can't stress how cool that is. I think that finding one of these nowadays is going to be tough, and if you do find one it'll probably cost you a pretty penny. It'd be worth it though as it's a really cool and great-sounding guitar. I've played a lot of guitars but none quite like this. I'd say get this if you can.