lgdas 12/16/2006

Ibanez AF105F : lgdas's user review


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This is the "high end" of the AF SERIES, the Artcore Custom semi-hollow jazz affordable long tradition at Ibanez.
They are built in China by makers of children working 14 hours a day, with no hope of retirement, no social security, one day off per week: progress and sustainable dveloppement are running ... and we can enjoy

This is a guitar blonde lgrement FALLS Rimel: any guitar saddle and is enhanced by dor acastillage lments brown rosewood head plate, buttons in bene ...
The dcoration is Russia, the finish is of good quality trs.
With the easel, the dor ct decreases (j'apprcie that I am not a fan of gilding, and I will seek a solution for the micro has a bene-type finish or rosewood )
Over time, the Saddle darkens a bit, which is not dsagrable either.

Plywood box is stocky, with a flamed maple surface the most beautiful effect. The table, the gills and back are a net folds Orns Black / Ivory ... plastic yes, but of quality. The varnish is a bit too much I got.
The table is also maple, then, and it's a real table, without microphones on it to empcher to vibrate (the microphone is "floating" is that attach to the end of the button with two claws ).
The handle 3 part of stocky, with two spares bubinga nets (a type of mahogany), more for Aesthetics for the sound or solidity. The key is rosewood, decorated with rectangular back and abalone nacre (false). A net around the ivory handle: trs class.
Finishing 22 jumbo frets mdium is impeccable. These frets are quite high, for tie prvues srieux: 11/50 minimum, 12/52 idalie.
The bridge: the bridges in fact, there are two. The guitar comes with an easel-type o-matic Tune in mtal dor mont on a Rosewood, item on the table. And yes, it's a jazz guitar, so the bridge is not fixed but maintained possible bomb on the table by the pressure of the strings. A deuxime easel comes as part mtalique replaced by a nut wood (Rosewood).
The tailpiece is a classic jazz guitar: anchored to the rear of the bar, it is covered with rosewood and mtal orn also false and abalone nacre.
The micro float, anchored at the bottom of the button, is a mini-humbucker Ibanez. Volume and Tone are on the pick guard.
The guitar comes with a box, gray ugly black wig in indoor, low-end, but it's even a box, and it is clearly better than nothing or a poor cover in nylon.


This is a semi-hollow plutt small (15 "?) Lgre, trs enjoyable to play sitting down, standing a bit more cumbersome: you have to keep enough face to be in a good position.
The handle is trs good, fits all types of games, barely wider than a round of Start '(2 mm). Most recent internship frets are hard to play, Obviously: it dmanche from the 13.
SETTING THE The intonation is not easy and requires a little connatre it when using the easel: one must dtendre strings, gradually moving the bridge while the CONTRL the 12 fret harmonic ... it's a bit long. But once that's done all right. Impractical to change his strings one by one, and a draft pick once and for all!


It's a jazz guitar east or country, following the bridge that is used.
There is only one microphone, has simplified the problem of finding "the sound"

Easel or mtal?: Unsurprisingly, the sound is softer with the easel. It trs net acoustics, but also sensitive amplifier. The bridge in mtal is appropriate to play the Chet Atkins, the sound is more prcis. But that does not seem be the vocation of this guitar: price equivalent is better for a Gretch Electromatic this, which will have a wider range, and a Bigsby. Personally, I mount the wooden bridge in 10 minutes ... and I am fully satisfied: I have that working my fingers to become the three millennium of Joe Pass.
The sound is not memorable empty, but balance. It can play without problem without amp, you can even do push-ups Gypsy 'being careful not to over hit the bridge prs. The player the impression that it does not sound very trs ... but it is misleading: an arch-top Past Projects lot the sound before, so the audience (more or less voluntary ...) hear more than we think (I made the exprience to me being thrown into a Htel, thinking train pianissimo to 1am ). Thomastik climbs 11/50, it sounds more than the original 10/48. I think this guitar demand for full expression 12/52 (vrifier in 1 month)
Sound clear: Obviously it is the calling of such a guitar. The stamp is in the style of all proportions ES 175 Guard: bright enough without being mtallique and flute, it did not sound the meallow Doug Raney, but plutt style to that of Kenny Burell. The microphone is thundering of quality and I think that this quality also comes from the placement IDAL, in the end key, or would place the 24 fret. See here ( https://www.guitariste.com/forums/guitare%2Cles-guitares-du-jazz-et%2C225755%2C1150.html#4225283 ) for an explanation.
The microphone reproduces the nuances of trs Fidler game, with fingers, mdiator in agreements as note paper.
Sounds crunches: the grain of the microphone is ... interesting. Trs dirty, may be exploitable, I will not do it! From my point of view, this is not an appropriate guitar looking for a nice crunch.

Can we play the Blues on this guitar? Yes and no one can play the blues clean sounds, jazzy what, or the Mississippi blues with a slide if you go up a little action ... but the blues-rock does not pass, especially since the pulling of the strings must be lev rveiller to the table, making it difficult for the two-tone bends 8O
However, it is trs crdible in funk-jazz, even if it does not bridge pickup to a position intermdiaire: the microphone is sufficiently floating flute to make beautiful rhythm.

I tried this guitar on the amp I have, and a remark Prior obvious: it works well on all amps, it is thundering. Of course, the better the amp, the better the sound, but it is enjoyable dj trs on a small amp, as long as it has a SETTING THE right. Interesting for someone who has not a sufficient budget to afford both a guitar and a good amp.
Branch on an old Roland Spirit 30 (transistors): Epatant: wood is the sound is jazz, not grin, trs neutral. It is not transcendent, but it works.
Plugs into a Vox AD30 (modlisations): L too, works on all the time modlisations we are in the clear, including one of modlisation Soldano! There is also a view of expriences for me in this area.
Plugs into a Vox AC 15 (lamps): It does ... it's better than the first two. We gain in depth and dynamics. But we feel that would be a better.
Plugs into an amp sound, I have not tried it would be interesting to do on occasion, or better yet, plug it into a JazzChorus (but I am afraid to do ... APRS, I want to buy one!).

Here are some samples ... well no, not yet ... was going to come


Children Chinese luthiers are working really well: the level of finish is quite impressive for this price range, and having in hand a beautiful thing really matters in the pleasure of playing ;-)
It is perfectly easy to play sitting balance and standing as the sound is good trs opposite its price.
It's a jazz guitar, buy only for a, and it is well and trs

What about alternatives at least onreuses Ibanez? I tried and no aim. The sound and much less jazz and more country, rather mtalique. For a jazz guitar, I do not recommend it. Better to look at the opportunities ct: AF 120, for example.