shamalmc 07/01/2005

Ibanez AF105F : shamalmc's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar with a floating neck pickup trs good, no noise or feedback.
The violin is really good trs. We find a typical Ibanez neck not too wide (I who have trouble with Gibson, this guitar suits me so), but the varnish is bright light and therefore does not catch too!
There is a volume button and one of just two fixs Tone on the pickguard. In the beginners I hit the buttons still playing but you'll quickly get used
I put 8 though as a people can really GNER.


Channel super enjoyable and fast not too wide.
CHAC is limited to acute but it is a jazz guitar so it's just normal!
The body is not too deep and the guitar Legre which can play even longer standing back without breaking the bank!
The sound is very versatile, can sound almost rgler playing acoustic guitar and the volume of the amp, and you can have a trs his jazz blues or the Kenny Burrell Benson up the Tone and a gain amplifier.


Suitable naturally to jazz, but it sounds terrible blues! Avoid good may be the tube screamer over anything;)

Plugs into an amp roland cube 30 it sounds really good. I also branch into a mesa boogie Mark2 and the sound is really good too. I also play guitar in branch line6 port on my pc and whatever happens I always find my sound.

It's a pretty clear even when you really have to find Tone down the mellow sound, but then I like po!


I have been using 4 / 5 months is my Premire jazz guitar. All the guys who were tested under the same stores and the luthier who has settled, tell me it's a really good guitar and hallucinate when I told them the price!

This guitar is really good alternative to more chrs MODELS kind GB10 or ES 175. For the price it was a beautiful guitar that sounds! What more?