jba 08/26/2005

Ibanez AF75 : jba's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Come on, it MRIT well his little notice ....
made in Korea I believe, by Cort (roughly what ibanez Reduces costs).
I did not count the boxes, I would say 22, without conviction. 2 humbuckers made by Ibanez, 3-position switch, 4 knobs, les paul style.
floating bridge, which is just the beginners Drout (think removing the foam under the bridge ...).
It certainly feels like half a box at all points, so it's perfect.


The neck is fairly quick and enjoyable trs, I can resettle some shred of my stupid plans tender years (very bad eh ...), Access in acute is roughly s as easy as a half body is saying too much, but it is not the goal. The ergonomics are perfect, I is not tired for a few concerts, and I get the sound I wanted (more in the next section).


I use it mostly in my group of swing song, and it lends itself perfectly to the style: her round the neck pickup a little more attack by combining the two, and I always cut a little to the Tone round sound. I play through my laney tf 300 j'apprcie that much clear sound, or live in a v-amp. I medium bridge pickup, all alone, but I use it ever, so ....
The acoustic sound does not play it alone, and fishing probably over a gibson jazz, but it's not the point either. It gives a noise level trs enjoyable to play at home.


Used for 1 month.
I tried a few epiphone (emperor), and my abilities being what they are, I rather opt for the ibanez.
I like having a real quality instrument with a violin work and sound great for a reasonable price trs, its sound, its shape ...
May be that long I'll change the pickups, and more ... I do not know.
I do it again this choice without problem. If it were to happen, I will buy one of his sisters without remorse.

edit: After a few months, my af75 has undergone some changes, including the installation of a micro SeymourDuncan jazz set, and a horse tuneomatic bigbsby from home instead of les paul style bridge (roughly in place edges and up the string based on a round), and it is not the same guitar, its pretty hot trs.