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Ibanez Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez AF105BM

    Ibanez AF105BM - " corrections"


    the handle is extraordinary UTILIZATION everything is perfect but I want to prove that the body is poplar, not maple, buttons and gear in general are rosewood and the fingerboard is Indian rosewood. SOUNDS It is a little weak in sound and mic…

  • Ibanez LGB30

    Ibanez LGB30 - " Very good Jazz Box"


    The great George agreed: "OK, I want to sign a made in China and accessible price level guitar, but doing something right!" This is essentially what George Benson said in the short video presentation he turned to promote this new guitar ... (vide…

  • Ibanez AFS95T

    Ibanez AFS95T - " A good guitar!"


    Made in China, but very well finished. It is a standard jazz blues guitar, semi-hollow, very thin and light. UTILIZATION The neck is really nice, everyone can adjust the action as it sees fit. It draws me to play fingerpicking rather than the p…

  • Ibanez AF85

    Ibanez AF85 - Urban Koala's review


    I believe this guitar was made in Korea or China, finally, there will. 22 frets, easel "floating" like most half-boxes, the maple neck it seems to me, with a rosewood of thumb button is very nice. The pickups are signed Ibanez, it is not of very …

  • Ibanez AK95

    Ibanez AK95 - Nikita K.'s review


    The characteristics are: - Neck: Artcore 3 parts glued mahogany / maple - Top: Flamed Sycamore - Back & Sides: Flamed Sycamore - Frets: medium - Bridge: ART-1 - Cordier VT100DX - Neck Pickup: ACH1 (H) - Bridge pickup: ACH2 (H) - Bo…

  • Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

    Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] - " Ibanez AS200"


    Made in Japan in 1982. UTILIZATION handle or too round or too flat. perfect compromise SOUNDS It is a semi-hollow body, the sound is typical of a 335 I would say more subtle. The original pickups are excellent, perhaps more versatile than t…

  • Ibanez AS53

    Ibanez AS53 - " good value for money"


    Ibanez artcore series madin 'china 22 frets 2 double mic a selec 3 positions 1 vol 1 tone UTILIZATION easy to play round slight SOUNDS I have sound. big potato. good feed back. OVERALL OPINION frankly, for the price, …

  • Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

    Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] - " a great guitar!"


    it was made in Japan in 1987. the violin is very beautiful, but not breathtaking. microphones are also very good and electronics. the switch that toggles the single coil neck pickup is not very convincing, so I'm not served me well. this is m…

  • Ibanez AF105

    Ibanez AF105 - " microphone for better performance!"


    microphones of origin, a little light for my taste, on the other hand I mounted a neck pickup SEYMOUR DUNCAN SETH LOVER, here changes everything, very superior to Gibson! more powerful and very jazz! I have not found better! with nets of addario f…

  • Ibanez GB10 Prestige

    Ibanez GB10 Prestige - " worship"


    Manufacturing quality of the highest level, comparable to Gibson, Angelico etc ... but for a lower cost. "Crafted in Japan" UTILIZATION Incredible comfort: easy handle and can lower the action very low without any buzz. Handle a little softer…