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Ibanez Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez AS73

    Ibanez AS73 - "Ibanez AS-73"


    I bought this bad boy from my local Axe music in edmonton,AB canada.I think i bought it like 3 weeks ago. I got this guitar because it has this really kick ass see through red finish thats unbelievable as well as great tone AND feel. I paid $400 can…

  • Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

    Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] - "Ibanez AS-200"


    For years I wanted an ES-335. This Ibanez AS-200 is essentially a clone with the addition of a nice coil-splitting feature on the neck pickup. At the time (8 years ago), I felt the Ibanez quality was much better than Gibson. Although I hear Gibson …

  • Ibanez PM20

    Ibanez PM20 - "Ibanez Signature"


    I bought the Ibanez,signature guitar and it really is good. The problem is I don't have A pedal so it doesn't sound the same. Since I'm into Metal It would great to have the New fender stratocaster. The form and color is very unique and great. …

  • Ibanez GB200 Prestige

    Ibanez GB200 Prestige - "Ibanez GB200"


    i recieved this unit form musciansfriend for $205 awseome sound and i like the j-style pickups added to it i liked it it has a one piece maple neck and an agathis body. it's built good i would recomend this guitar to any one. This review was ori…

  • Ibanez AM205

    Ibanez AM205 - "Ibanez AM205 Artist Super Edition"


    I got this guitar online through a Canadian music store named Capsule Music. I payed $750 for it, and it came with hard case. It was made in 1985 in Japan. The AM205 is the coolest guitar you could ever have. It's a double cut-away semi-hollowbo…

  • Ibanez AEJ70

    Ibanez AEJ70 - "Ibanez AEJ70"


    I purchased this guitar from the Musician's Friend catalogue. I paid $319US for this guitar. I liked the fact that this guitar is a single pickup (humbucker), hollow body guitar - great for playing jazz ballads. I was not impressed by the …

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