Ibanez GB10 Prestige : Anonymous 's user review

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Manufacturing quality of the highest level, comparable to Gibson, Angelico etc ... but for a lower cost.
"Crafted in Japan"


Incredible comfort: easy handle and can lower the action very low without any buzz.
Handle a little softer than that of the ES 175.
The fund reduced by 14.5 "allows ease very significant stake standing or sitting.


Harmonic sounds very round and warm with these mini humbuckers, the ebony and spruce. Effectiveness formidable live studio home.
Flexible thanks to two microphones and knobs that allow to obtain a wide range. Guitar while playing mainstream jazz, blues, fusion, bebop, chord melody, funk


Price too high in France (purchasing advised Japan, Ishibashi or other mag on line)
Guitar worship intelligently designed by George Benson and Ibanez luthiers in
A must since the 70s that owners jealously guard
For lovers of Jazz, George Benson (but not only)