Zazu47 11/08/2006

Ibanez GB10 Prestige : Zazu47's user review


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Korea (2000)
22 Frets, floating humbucking pickups
rosewood bridge
2 Volume, 2 Tone
handle special jazz george benson


Channel enjoyable trs
Access in the 15th box limits acute
The guitar is just laying on your stomach when you play standing
Jazz sounds are great, but its function ..


Perfect for jazz and fusion
amp fender blues deville - TC-electronics G-Major


I bought this guitar used a month ago and since then I immediately find with its quality (finely crafted jazz sounds, round enjoyable) and default (micro floating bridge fixs the wrong pickguard, you can not remove, Feed back, all is not stable and did some "tinkering" to a guitar over 2000 Euros ...
This guitar dates back to 2000 and is made in Korea (Korea, on the label in the box) I do not think the quality is the same as the first since 1980 made in Japan. I would like a (happy owner) of the original GB10 (Japan)
gives us his opinion. I note 7 / 10 for now, srement After a few more rglages.