Ibanez GB10 Prestige : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I possde a rcent model 2008 (manufactured in Japan as qu'indiqu the inside of the body and the back of the neck) .It is upscale, with a finish exemplary. Repprocher absolutely nothing cost. Jazz archtop guitar with laminated table microphones mini floating humbuker, 3 parts maple neck, ebony button repres pearl / abalone sunburst finish.
A volume, a micro tonality. Floating pickups are perfectly fixs, mounts on a system with spring buffer performantet felt very soign.leur attachment is perfect and no gnre exotic wood like rosewood bridge vibration parasite.Le or bne (I hesitates) is adjustable in height and positioner for the accuracy of the instrument.


The handle is round well calibrated. The handle is divine and is simply forgotten.
The access to the treble is excellent and the body of modest size does not GNE incursions after the 12me fret. When playing bop, rarely goes beyond the 15me.
The frets are jumbo mdium. Their exemplary finish provides a net game prcis smooth with perfect intonation. Their grading is so prcis, a low extrment rglage action is possible while maintaining a neat and clean game without this frieze.
Voil a manufacturing quality pledge and a high degree of finish.
A guitar that responds (in the spirit of jazz), whatever the fawn that we attack the strings, fingers or plectre.Je urges the 11/52 or 12/54 mesh dish according to your style.


This responds guitar all my expectations. The sound is wonderful, round, stung with whatever dynamically allowing also consider incursions into the modal jazz repertoire fusion.Les strengths: balance the bass spectrum / mdium / treble, attack of the notes that can pass all the nuances of the game, the sustain and keeping score. Dj one is undoubtedly in the upscale rserv demanding musicians .You go to play old and new standards. This sound will approach the sound Wes if you use a tube amp that DLivre round clear sounds and warm, it will be a little more acoustic amp with a kind Polytone or EAR.
This is the neck pickup (alone) I prfre.Il is very accurate and subtle .It allows chording with maximum clarity and dtach. The rglage of tonality (frquemment dlaiss a correction without darkening the sound. A palette that goes well feutr towards clatantes rating but still envelopes.
For a little more rhythmic appuys I use two microphones in intermediary position. The only bridge pickup does not really intRet, as is also the case in the majority of archtop jazz guitars. Another aspect very interesting: if you play sound levels levs (large room or grde scene) the GB10 is the instrument of the situation .Her qualities are well prsentes volume lev without the drawback unwanted feedback. This is an important point, because I've already seen the 175 padded crate or glass wool moleton to overcome this kind of problem


I ve tried many guitars before making that choice, in a price range of 1000 5000 euros. Gibson, Guild, Heritage, Daquisto, Hofner ... My initial project was the acquisition of 175 Gigson but its purchase price, both in radically new opportunity that I dcourag. The Ibanez GB10 is a good price-quality ratio, then it is as srieux investment a Gibson. Little or no dcote perspective.
What I like least ??? L, I'm looking, I do not find ... ah, so ... The fools who say that because it's Japanese it is less although the amricain gear ...
It's a choice I do it again without problem, eyes closed and ears open ... for losing the pleasure of hearing.