ZiaBand 04/04/2007

Ibanez GB10 Prestige : ZiaBand's user review


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- Mine is a Japanese (a real one so), 1982 (as an old manufacturing began late 1977)
- Body Maple / table Epica with binding
- Channel profile al GB Maple / key Ebne 20 boxes with binding a slimtap reminiscent of the guild, pool and despite the rapidity 12-54 dadario demirond I ride him.
- Scale 628mm / 24.75 "
- Radius 305mmR
- 2 mini humbucking pickups Floating Ibanez GB Special
- 2 volumes / 2 tonalities / slecteur 3 positions
- Bridge in Ebne
- Hardware dorbr />
I put 9 for the table that is not massive, while the floating micro permettrais to vibrate more, as well as the shadow defois o benson sign this guitar.


A very beautiful violin and a round of thunder, I is not found better (the irrductibles sleeves lumberjack home gibson go your way). The access to acute seem easy to me even though I rarely go to the del 15 (from a skyscraper Either way I was told it is 12 squares in del start again lol). on neck pickup alone it sounds, the sound of the treble is a little difficult to find, I heard Bruno Bongaron on mine Him he succeeded! But not simple anyway (you probably do not even aqu'il for longer exists on the GB15).


I played before on a small deluxe 112 in fender, it seemed not too bad I was already in love but now on blues deluxe is simply epoustouflant, we can say one thing is that this the skyscraper has caratre, Certe not a big archtop guitar genre L5 but is very well integrated into jazz bop style, I was much told not replace a current 175 good against a r a is the opinion of the recent anti gibson I do not party, but it is on considering the price .... The top is in the funky smooth ( fun for the guitar benson). It accepts the effects (not too by the distortion against limits a little over drive) but what a shame to altrer the unique grain of this guitar, I did it for commands into groups.


Mine is to 1982 after the series of n ... I82, it is in perfect tat the new croirrait I have in my pocesssion since 1995 I am a fan of a fan in any arrived after those in my collection have ended under the bed or on deposit, I love everything voil is the best guitar in the world (I barely exaggerated lol), I would do this 1000 times choice, and if one day I really make money I rebuke another (blond this time) I dreamed I wanted I got to the era 8000F all my savings (I 18), it does not have a strong rating and worth the detour, everyone around me envy me, it made me a child too gat I came over to buy me another guitar! !!dropoff window