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jfhuguel 08/22/2013

Oscar Schmidt OE40 : jfhuguel's user review

" Promising guitar"

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Oscar Schmidt by Washburn is Chinese, a beautiful copy of the Guitar of Wes Montgomery, a Gibson L5 I believe purchased on The Good Co * n!.
Mine is sunburst finish "tobacco", with cream binding a golden double purfling, I find it quite elegant, it must be said, those who do know, that the binding is a shit cover, which hides the bad collage of the table, or back on the sides; take the test: look inside the body (mirror, webcam) and a light stroll, outside, along the splint / bottom connection, and you see if it's a good job or not (many of you may be disappointed)
This is a great hollowbody size, fully maple (not so massive that it, indeed, I repaired a hole in the splint, I saw that this veneer) I do not know no What's in the handle, I hope it's wood ...
There is a truss rod, standard.
Well, this past aversion Eastern production remain objective, for the price (I did not have the means to invest in a Gibson or a Gretsch)
I just bought it, and I am learning the guitar, it limits the view. For cons, I lute ..
The bridge is a kind of fully adjustable floating bridge rosewood, not beautiful; ropes dug the upper part, I replace it with an easel with perforated base and upper metal style tune O matic.
Rosewood fingerboard, key encrusted with mother of pearl rectangles with second abalone inlay (true or false, the mother, I do not know, in any case it is simple and pretty)
Two humbucking pickups Eliminator Jazz Series (microphones, what ...), two volume controls and two tone knobs.
Scale of 647.7 mm (when the bridge is in place!)
Grover, it may well be the brand, it does not age well (small game, the chrome is a little piqued), qe I think I will replace one day.


The handle is being adjusted.
I am convinced that most disappointed with this guitar musicians have judged on the poor quality of its settings (it's not exactly my case, I bought used for gypsies who have never entrusted to a luthier).
Action too high, too high saddle, handle badly bent, mechanical assemblies Loose, son running around, microphones too high or too low, this is a playable guitar, which, anyway, sounds like a pan (either a Gibson or by Feng Huang Chung Li)
So the setting is essential. He performs miracles, and this is my case, it really starts to ring, while the development is not finished.


I play with a small tube amp Epiphone, but the acoustic set is favored by the respectable size of the fund. The acoustic sound is very distinctive jazz.


Acquired for a week, she resurrects.
I paid a little expensive for the state, but I find it very beautiful and sound, and when I finish the setup (Flatwound strings, new bridge, neck adjustment, action, nut, micro setting) it n ' have nothing to envy to the original models.
I also have a Epiphone Artcore AG75, new, a Olympia (by Tacoma) acoustic electric, classical Patenotte (the hell) all set for myself.
I found some info on the net about this guitar (the one who sells it, because "it just buy it, it's a great guitar, but he did not remember he had another better, then he sells "to that" recommend everyone to buy this bull *** t guitar, bad copy, there is the original good "...).
With experience, I would do this choice, arguing over the price ...!