Herve v.63 06/15/2004

Rickenbacker 360 : Herve v.63's user review


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Guitar States.
Type hollow body guitar (hearing in cat's eye) with a handle in the Saddle 24 polished frets in Saddle (rosewood neck !!!!).
2 single coil pickups controlled by 2 volume & 2 tone + a balance between the two microphones.
the tailpiece in the shape of R is simply sublime.
This is a guitar that has a mouth.


The handle is of incredible finesse, it's a little late (do not have fingers enfls!) But so comfortable with its small frettes.On can rgler the action of the strings very low.
The ACCS is to dernires aisment boxes, one box I reached 24 without effort.
weight is more than adequate but it is not a guitar for small (width of the body).
A particular feature of this guitar is possder 2 output "jack", a normal & the other "Stereo" that is to say the grave of a cot micro, micro acute the another for use with a "jack" 3 voies.Ceci Relva more gadget today.


The sound is a intermdiaire between the "fender" & Sound "gibson". This guitar has a reputable rhythm guitar, I think that it can do more than that.
I was in a branch Rivera Chubster 40 or in a Marshall JCM 800, the clean sounds are clear (for arpges IDAL) and crunches are fatter than with your strato, even heavy distortion sound.
The microphone is serious velvety trs (blues or jazz).
This guitar has a penchant for rock.


I possde this guitar for a 10aine of years and this is true that it is less versatile than my stratos 62 possde but a foul and a Personal property to her.
This is a guitar that every guitar player should have in its collection for it is a joy to find her.
The day you play with you will not go unnoticed.
A tip: buy a 360 12-string because you can easily spend 12 6 strings, the reverse is much harder to obtain.