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arno81 10/11/2011

Samick La Salle JZ4 : arno81's user review

«  a very good choice »

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This instrument was manufactured in Korea. It's a jazz guitar, large (type gibson L5). It is mounted with the original rosewood bridge (and comes with a tune-o-matic parts) very precise. I did ask for an ebony bridge, which greatly improves the sound of the instrument. The original tailpiece seemed heavy and unsightly. I replaced it with a Gibson L5 tailpiece type, which comes stock with a Japanese factory specializing in copies of Gibson L5 (like Ibanez, Aria or Antoria) in the 70's. It has the back of a small metal wedge for transmitting the vibration of the strings to the body, which greatly improves sustain, once plugged in (click on the title and then go to the bottom of the view to see the change ).
The microphone is an original Duncan Design. It is a micro float, manufactured in Korea according to technical requirements of Seymour Duncan. It is well made, but suffers - like the guitar, at the purchase - a random setting. It is good to give the instrument to a luthier to adjust the neck and microphone.
Once connected, the sound is pretty close to the sound. The highs are bright, mids are a bit of precision, the bass is very round. I'm looking for more electric sound, (like Wes or Kenny Burrell). I screwed the table and ask a Kent Armstrong humbucker. Knobs were removed from the pickguard, for attaching to the body and changed to a Gibson L5 plate.


This is a guitar to the dimensions of an archtop together. The ride height is important (17 ") and the handle is long (21 cases). The size is important, but it is well suited to an adult of average height (1.80 m).
The handle is round, very nice once set. The action is low, and access to the treble is excellent thanks to Venetian cutaway.
The good sound is a matter of taste. After modification, I finally found one I was looking for years.


The table consists of three layers - two solid spruce (such as acoustic guitar) are hot pressed for the concave shape, then glued and pressed with a nice spruce. So this is a "solid spruce top pressed," a laminated spruce top table, not to be confused with a "solid carved archtop," a massive carved table, much more expensive. Less noise on the acoustic level, this type of construction, however, limited feedback. Fitted with rope nets dishes of 0.12, the volume is nevertheless more than enough to play at home, without disturbing the neighborhood.
Once connected, the sound power is the most precise, warm and round, while preserving a good definition in the midrange and treble. The dynamics are excellent, which allows you to play with a lot of nuance and precision, without fine-tuning. At the bottom of volume and tone controls on a small amp (Vox pathfinder 15 Watts type), the sound is excellent. On a concert amp (Fender Twin), the sound is similar to that of L5.


I have this guitar since 2006, almost six years. It is a tool that I recommend, because that's what I found better (compared finish / sound) in this price range. In cases with a € 550 is a bargain. This leaves a good margin to change the instrument if desired.
I would do this choice, if it is represented.

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