Pete-Layburn 11/22/2012

Washburn HB35 : Pete-Layburn's user review

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Attention HB35 is my vintage (80's) and probably MIJ.
I recently (a few hours), so I'm a little excited, but I will say this: it is a pure killing, a perspective violin.
I say this because after at least 25 years of existence, it should move.
It is also a pleasure, as bcp other current productions but often disappoint once in hand and / or connected.
To take into account also the price almost ridiculous that I had.
The rest of the features is + or - on the net.


The neck is terrible (in a good sense), thick enough but not too in tune 24.75.
The intonation is just perfect, the bends are easy, simply bewildering speed ... and the guitar is very much alive!
on the other hand, it is because its weight with a central beam, but it's pretty good for me who often plays in full.


Let me be clear: I am thoroughly Telephile (wonder what this Telecaster!).
My Washburn of the rising sun is almost the opposite of my guitar fetish, design, sound and philosophy ... but this is what is interesting.
The pickups are very powerful and delivers the sound muffled enough, maybe too ... where are the mids / highs of my Tele?
In my Tele precisely.
Therefore less bitter but more powerful in comparison (normal, they are double qd mm) and say "softer".
In full, it's pretty good without spin eardrums and clear is the neck pickup jazz and blues / rock on the easel.
I approfondirai this point + Edit any later.


I'm excited, it's true.
But this guitar seems to deserve it, at least for his violin.
And I've played both, and accumulated over the years, only express an objective opinion quickly (roughly, let's modest) seems realistic.
FYI, there are a few brands in my arsenal ... + A praiseworthy Washburn now!