Tina Arkos 01/17/2012

Washburn J6 : Tina Arkos's user review

" Feeling immediately with scrapers"

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The guitar is called "J6" but entry can be seen on the neck as "Washburn" name "Montgomery" in abalone. So beautiful body in the style of the L5 Wes! The bottom and sides are flamed maple CP's solid spruce top. The handle is contoured to the hair, not too big or too late with markers of two half-blocks and a rosewood fingerboard. Two microphones, two volumes, two tones. Grover golden class. The guitar is imposing but light enough to play standing and is not a problem.


At the grip, after trying: Ibanez AF105, AF125, PM35, Epiphone, Peerless, Aria, Hagstrom and so is at once the feeling with the big scratches. The strings are rinsed but despite this, the guitar is immediately pleasant, very fair with easy access to acute. Very good performance tuning with Grover. The sound is good without plugging, accurate, smooth jazz very short! Once plugged in, there is no accidental feedback (as some of the guitars mentioned above).


The toggle switch allows selection between the two standard pickups. The switch works fine but clearly it is a golden Japanese model I ever had and I quickly changed to a Switchcraft (mounted on Gibson) so to change.
The pickups are not very strong and its lack of definition, but it sounded quite well. Personally I will immediately change for Benedetti.
But hey, I still made the first repeated yesterday with the guitar in its own juices and it sounds great already. I make a point when I put new pickups!


Finally, I had never thought to buy a Washburn but after trying all the arched top of the magicians of Nimes (Broc'n'roll not to quote) between 600 and 1600 euros, which is the only m 'has given an immediate desire to return to all standards of Wes! I imagine (since not tried) that is far from an L5, but the value for money this guitar is unbeatable!
Attention! For aficionados of Plexi to donf or other Mesa Triple Rectifier, at least two bombs to inject polyurethane foam in the box, you'll have a little trouble controlling the feedback!
In short! This guitar can do only jazz (whatever Rockab 'must see) but it does it well. A must try for anyone who is undecided on the choice of a pure jazz guitar and does not have the huge budget (10 times the price of the Washburn for information) necessary for the purchase of a Gibson L5!