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MGR/CRT 12/31/2004

Washburn J6 : MGR/CRT's user review

"Washburn J6"

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Purchased from Robbie's Music in Wayne, NJ. Paid $659 including hardshell case

The J6 is a lot of guitar for the money. The fit and finish is excellent, the construction detail is on par with any guitar costing considerably more. I have been shopping for the past year and have played many different brands and models, some a bit less expensive, most, considerably more expensive and chose the J6 as it met all of what I expected in a jazz bodied guitar. There are several that I had the pleasure to play that were better, but their cost was prohibitive and I could not in my wildest imagination come up with the justification to spend several thousand dollars more.

I have owned the J6 for 1 week and it has met all of my expectations. I have no complaints so far.

I purchased the natural finish and it is quite beautiful. The application of the finishing material is flawless. Everything from the Grover tuners to the quality of the binding on the body and f-holes is equal to many guitars I have sampled costing several times more. Intonnation is excellent. I don't know how the Buzz Feiten system works, but it does. No matter where I play on the neck, I am perfectly in tune.

At this point in my life, product quality is my primary concern and the J6 has proven to meet all of my requirements. It is a beautiful instrument to look at, the sound is exactly what I have been looking for and the price was affordable. I enjoy playing all types of music but jazz is my personal preference. I play the J6 through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the combination works wery well. Very glad my wife and kids pooled their resources and purchased this for me for Christmas. Sure beats the ususal shirts and socks!

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