Whale Whalebone 55
Whale Whalebone 55
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chris84 10/01/2005

Whale Whalebone 55 : chris84's user review


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- Made of Core.

- 24 frets, 2 Seymour Duncan double "Seth Lover" (the first rdition Gibson PAF).

- Bridge type-Stop-Bar tailpiece.

- Volume 1, 1 Ring Push-Pull (for split the double-single microphones), a 3-position slecteur.

- Manche al (mahogany) end (type Ibanez saber), rosewood fingerboard, medium frets, mechanical 2x3 oil bath.

- Body (mahogany) half-box of the size of a solid body. Flamed maple top. Acastillage dor.

Overall, except for the fact that this guitar is made in Korea (discussed), it is difficult to find a better Sheet / Price!
765 Euros.


- The Neck:
It is super enjoyable, because of its low thickness. In addition, it is sufficiently large so that we have ncessaire space between the strings to wedge its agreements. We regret that nanmoins "rglages" original strings are a bit high ... But hey, is a RULES!

- Access in acute:
The ease of ACCS is perfect ... and yet there are 24 cases (in fact I see not too much ...). intrt We can even take the E6 24me no problem!

- Ergonomics:
It's great, the body is dcoup. It is rounded correctly to avoid dfoncer to the thorax (see Gibson Les Paul) and hold great sitting as standing. The weight is rpart ... It's really not bad!
But! ... and yes, there is a "but"!
I find that the shot of the 24 cases on the handle is poorly jou as given that pushes the neck pickup a little more toward the center. Rsultat: One step in with the mdiator. Well, that said, I got and do not happen again, but it's still a little Gnant go for quick return on the string of E6.

- Gets it easy to sound good?
L is the killer question! For adpend what level we are talking about.
The sound in his grain, his Tone ... So the yes, it's heavy ... trs of heavy ... for less than 800 euros, it carrment incredible. The sound is hot, hot, even. Amme is the impression of playing with a compressor ... without a compressor!
on the other hand, ts narrowly ... It's not the foot, and it comes on the "Made In Korea!"
To make it simple ... Imagine a car whose design is Ferrari sign, and most spices ... but the assembly is provided by Smart! You see?
Well, it has! The guitar itself is irrprochable, except that it is up and tear it off without rglage. In short, either you know rgler bridge and neck, or you take him to a luthier to do it.
And l. .. it's the foot! Not that it is unplayable original, but the tuner will tell you thank you! The same applies to the microphones, visss wrong ... but it is only dtail.

That said ... I will make him even when only 6 due to the grossiret rglages, intolrable in this price range, even if your exact sound and feel are themselves incomparable and are worth a good 10.


- For the style of music, there's not too worry. This guitar can do anything, even if going to the excsmtalurgico-hardcore frieze with the limits of its capabilities. That said, we can go from blues to rock Shake well in jazz, reggae, punk (yes, yes!) Without any problem.

- Ct Post-instrument, I use two configurations:
- Live, a Vox Pathfinder. The sound is raw and rvle all the softness of the microphones, which do not drool, no matter the level of gain used. The saturations are clean and clear ... Panard is the total.
- On monitoring, through my Vox ToneLab SE pdalier. And adcoiffe mmOn can just go out, big sound ibanez (simulation Meza-Boogie) at his old school in the stratosphere, to the inviting roundness Gibson ... That standard of versatility, especially since the possibility of split open mics horizons.

-Types of sounds:
Bah, dj said it all. And must not be supposed, the saturation is really a thunderous half box is stunning. Ct clean sounds ... I never heard more beautiful ...

"I love the sound of the double neck pickup position, it really is as compress on clean solos. Trs is round. The two micro ct practice is that they are not in the extreme. This means that the neck pickup is not too serious, and the bridge pickup too acute. It's just good, and did not grind my wah pedals.


- I use it for 1 month.
- I love the look (she's beautiful in real trs, more than any photo or she still looks red, then it is not). The sound that kills both the individual and versatile.
I like least ... finish (2-3 dtails tiny magnifying glass) and especially rglages home ... even if everyone says "yes, yes, a will ... what do you blame him?"
- Before I tried piphone a les paul ... could, ct. And startocaster amricaines mexico and small, and many more ...
- The report qualitPrix is ​​standard, and should s'amliorer in this brand if it is manufactured elsewhere than Core.

- I would do without this choice problem.