Cakewalk VS-700C
Cakewalk VS-700C

VS-700C, Home Studio Package from Cakewalk in the Sonar series.

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[Musikmesse] Cakewalk VS-700C Console

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The VS-700C V-Studio Console, described as "the centerpiece of SONAR V-Studio 700 production system," will be made available separately as control surface for SONAR.

The VS-700C was designed jointly by Cakewalk and Roland, and is designed to offer fluid control over all aspects of SONAR 8 Producer's creative, editing, and mixing capabilities, maximizing workflow and productivity.

VS-700C Highlights:

Channel Section
  • Nine 100mm touch sensitive, motorized faders arranged in a bank of eight channel strips with a master channel
  • Users can tab between fader banks and lock/unlock tracks and buses to faders for maximum efficiency when mixing large projects
  • Channel Branch Mode is an innovative new mixing mode, where channel strip 1 will control the volume of a selected track while the remaining channels control the associated sends for that track
  • One-level undo for all faders and encoders, using the "Revert to" feature
  • Total control over SONAR 8 mute and solo functionality including Dim Solo, Exclusive Solo, and Layer Mute/Solo

EQ, Send, ACT Section
  • Dedicated section of 12 continuous push-button rotary encoders which can be used for EQ, Sends, or ACT control
  • When controlling EQ, the rotary encoders edit four stages of parametric EQ gain, frequency, and Q for whichever channel has the focus
  • In ACT mode, encoders automatically remap to control effect, instrument, or mix parameters of whatever view or plug-in has focus within SONAR

Surround and Video Implementation
  • Full surround implementation with Joystick Panner, F/R Balance, LFE Send, and Width controls
  • Multifunction T-bar for surround F/R balance and video hardware control
  • Automate multiple surround parameters simultaneously
  • Control video mixers/editors/presenters that support V-LINK protocol

Access, Project Navigation, Editing
  • Control plug-in for SONAR provides user-definable presets that change the functionality of the VS-700C depending on tasks or workflow preferences
  • Access Panel provides one-button functionality to call up different views and utilities; allows custom assignments from over 45 SONAR commands
  • Joystick can move plug-in windows around your screen
  • In addition to F/R balance and Video hardware control, the T-Bar offers: X-Ray option to fade plug-in windows in/out to allow access to the views below and the T-Bar can also be used as a dedicated ACT controller
  • Complete SONAR transport functionality not available from any other control surface, including Audition, Rewind, Fast Forward, RTZ/GTE, and Pause
  • Jog and shuttle wheels and Free Edit cursors for project navigation, scrubbing and zoom; provides c omplete scroll and zoom functionality, including flyover mode which lets you navigate around a project
  • Use jog wheel to move, crop and fade clip(s), as well as time-stretch
  • Select clips and time ranges, even across tracks and layers
  • Split and mute clips with the touch of a button
  • Insert, delete, bypass and control any VST effect from the control surface
  • Mackie Control protocol support, provides basic compatibility (transport, faders, jog/shuttle, etc.) with other Windows DAWs

  • A 2x13 LCD display for track names, parameter values, and markers
  • 7 Segment LCD display for time code and now time position
  • Responsive metering for each channel

Pricing and availability
VS-700C console for SONAR 8 Producer will be available Summer, 2009 through Roland and Edirol distribution partners and select retailers worldwide.
Local prices may vary, please check with your local Roland or Edirol distributor, or to find availability in your area using the dealer locator, please visit
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