Bare Knuckle Pickups VH II

VH II, Humbucker guitar pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the Humbuckers Vintage Hot series.

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Grattouille33 02/13/2013

Bare Knuckle Pickups VH II : Grattouille33's user review

«  This is what I was looking for! »

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It's been a month since I now ... I took cover in matt black version inning, two drivers on my Ibanez RG 3120 (given in D, and sometimes Drop Do when it's been too long that I did not shave ^ __ ^).

It replaces a Dimarzio AT-1 race. It really was not made for the neck position (too much midrange, not enough brightness), results, or the clear, nor does the distorted sound I liked. He will go in the bridge position on another guitar ...
In the meantime, I had the micro Dimarzio / Ibanez at first, I do not remember too much, and the SH-2 Jazz Seymour Duncan that I did not like (too thin, attack, even its clear).

Now, let's go to the heart of the matter. It is a micro, which certainly cost me more expensive than any other. But it is a micro handmade, depending on the options that I have chosen (oh lord That matte finish is awesome), I chose on the advice of the BKP team by email (do not hesitate to ask them questions, they will answer you in 24 hours maximum).

I wanted a microphone that is not too powerful, balanced in terms of frequency, which is the presence that is sweet, but who knows well transcribe the attack game pick or fingers (including the light).
And well, we can say that there is coming!

Being different from the AT-1, I first thought it was a little dug-level mediums, which I liked just for saturation, but let's first clear sound. Oh my god. What sound. What beauty ... He excels. It looks like a cross between single and dual microphone. Brightness, but also the transcription of the bass and the soft side, a little jazz. Agreements are suddenly meaningless.

And so, I touched my EQ on the amp (Mesa Boogie DC-5), and there, saturation, it was perfect. Everything was there: the attack, acute soft, but bright and present (that I do not rhythmic saturation with the neck pickup, as soli). I was looking for!

In short, many (myself included) are wondering whether it's worth it to buy Bare Knuckle. Go ahead. They have microphones to suit all tastes. I plan to buy a bridge pickup that will marry best with what VH-2 with the micro current (Dimarzio D-Sonic too high midrange).

So much for the advice. Bare Knuckle all the way!

PS: a small sound that you felt the microphone (and my skills guitaristic)