bagger 10/13/2008

EMG 81TW : bagger's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have this mic since June 2008.
I have mounted on my Vigier Ultra side handle instead of the original 81.
Please note the size of this microphone is not the same as the 81 it took a little further trapping of origin.

This micro has the distinction of containing an "s" (single) and a 81.
After testing I say that we are dealing here with an excellent micro and not a real m ... as 89 (I will put a notice on this one as soon as possible)

Position "S" is really the same as comparable see "s" to be clearer sound you hear is really the sound of a single coil.
The sound is meant to position "81" is exactly that of the "81".
A split position + "SA" is the sound that is expected stratabound is pretty good but with my Vigier was 24 box so the sound is not quite the same as a Start but that's great anyway.

The value for money is good and I think will qu'EMG box with the microphone.
This choice I would do without hesitation.

Its twofold: that of a true 81 so I put 9.5 / 10, I find that lack of body in relation to position 85 in acute and I think it is ready top of the handle.
Its simple: that of a real simple I will put 8 / 10 because I love him a little warmer.
Overall Rating 9 / 10 :-)