christofer.oldz 08/17/2008

EMG 81TW : christofer.oldz's user review


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Original equipment on my helraiser Shecter diamond series,
it is a micro active splitable apparently would have the same characteristics as the 81, plus the possibility of moving in single coil, something I'm not sure because by comparing the characteristics of two microphones on the site emg, I see a lot of differences.

In any case, on a guitar that does not have a quality wood like mine that sent severe micro;)! Compared to my godin LGXT equipped with Seymour sh4 my decision is not is clear:
the sound is sharper, the palm mute sound much better defined. However, the games lead the 81 sent fewer than sh4 and harmonic palette seems less rich, but the gains in precision and 81 is what I was looking for. Particularly on the descents or climbs ranges fast micro Seymour drool a bit and loses its sharpness clearly while 81 retain its definition.

Only it should be compared with two or blackouts ahb1 range Seymour and I'm not sure the comparison turns to his advantage. Second case of negative points I must say that this micro consumes much more than the 81 so battery changes are more frequent.

On the other hand, it is the what matters, the possibility of the split appears to me not really interesting, both the split 89 is great because you get crystal clear sound beautiful, both the 81 split into microphones simmple me seems not really useful. Despite this reservation I have to admit that this microphone sounds great it is not too keen crillard possesses good low and medium it wrong to finally pay attention to what they want to fit this guitar microphone, you have to think the increase as close as possible to string it delivers its full potential.