Gibson Classic 57
fuzzstone 10/18/2011

Gibson Classic 57 : fuzzstone's user review


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mounted from 4 / 5 years on my signature Riviera as a replacement for epiphone 57 home if they have not revolutionized the guitar is not what I asked them, they highlighted the good violin to origin and given a more "full", richer.
it does not have an Epiphone (even more high-end) a Gibson custom shop, but at least it gives her a clearer, less draft.
I particularly like their sound round, responding perfectly to the attack of the pick, giving the possibility of alternating clear sound and attack more crunchy just by modulating the attack of the strings.
value for money is average in nine, the boards I personally bought used € 120 the pair, so for that price, it is very correct.
Yes I would do this choice, although I have long hesitated turned the handle to a position P94 because I prefer (if we had to pick just) the 57 + rack 57 in the sleeve, a Just over Gnacke for 57 +, more to my taste. but this is quite subjective.