Jess Loureiro Humbucker
Jess Loureiro Humbucker

Humbucker, Humbucker guitar pickup from Jess Loureiro.

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zorglup 01/04/2013

Jess Loureiro Humbucker : zorglup's user review

«  A Must, to infinity and beyond »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for a month, I ordered to replace DiMarzio custom ernie ball are soulless and sustain on my SLR, I do not really understand the Plapla on DiMarzio custom but that is not the point.
value for money is excellent (half the price elsewhere 90 € for two)
The only thing is to be patient, do not say I order I have them in a week, after a month, but it's worth the effort.

Best to control it is to exchange messages with Jess Loureiro
who speaks Spanish is normal, very good English and a little French
Then eased the ground. What sound do you want?, What do you like about what her guitarist?
Why you change your pickups? What do you want more? that does not love you in those with you? What wood handle any wood for the table, what color mics, what dimensions?
The width between the mid bass and treble,
You can ask him a set with wider spacing for the bridge and for the neck,
Then you made a proposal, basically the type of magnet that seems most consistent with respect to your request, alnico 2, 3, 5? And full of little details that I had never imagined existed.
Trust him he is an expert.
Now taratata:
The verdict is excellent, I have a new guitar
With the handle real serious, good sustain, which was sorely lacking at the start, better than before
The bridge is clear and generous, transfigures the guitar (not rear its ugly little tinny and the DiMarzio original draft, maybe it was defective?)
Basically I replaced a good neck pickup without much sustain a micro axcellent with more sustain and a really nasty an excellent bridge pickup bridge pickup, precise as a PRS HSF but better more organic. I ordered a simple but central to the dimensions are a little too large, it me again another blackjack right now, I can keep the other one is a class act.

In summary great mics, most excellent service, excellent human relations with the manufacturer M Jess Loureiro Himself. Excellent value for money.

Only time fall short but hey it seems that it is in Lollar months of waiting, frankly that patience is amply rewarded.
I would do this choice without hesitation, this is a Must advise for any guitar.